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The Moken of Ko Surin by Kristin Sherwood

We are grateful to Kristin Sherwood for the lovely blog describing her stay with the Moken of Surin: "Imagine waking up to the sound of water lapping along the shore, a picture-perfect beach outside your window. The shallow sea is a mesmerizing aquamarine. There are no cars, no commercial fisherman, no loggers to threaten this paradise. This was my reality for three days, as I visited the island national park of Ko Surin in southern Thailand. I was one of the lucky few, having come with Andaman Discoveries, [...]

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Moken in Paradise? Reflections on Koh Surin

I was invited by my daughter Lena to the Surin Islands, which is where I met the Moken in their village. They live in simple housing and use their biosphere (the forest and the sea) in a way that is profoundly informing for visitors who think that sustainability is an invention of the western world. When listening to the stories of the Moken, how they lived before the administration of the National Park, emotions of helplessness and despair mix with feelings of compassion and solidarity. Their [...]

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