Further Information about the Moken

Below you will find links to further information about the Moken, divided into general info, media coverage, photo galleries, books, and audio. For details on groups working directly with the Moken, please click HERE

General Information

  • Andaman Pilot Project – Well researched information about the Moken from Chulalongkorn University. The site also has links to media coverage of the Moken up to 2009.
  • Indigenous People and Parks: The Surin Islands – Published by UNESCO in 2001, this report details the environmental and socio-cultural settings and challenges of Koh Surin.

Media Coverage – Recommended

Photo Galleries

We recommend ‘Courage of the Sea – Last Stand of the Moken‘, the 2013 book by Tom Henley and Jeo and Jok Klathalay. Below are links to anthropologist Jacques Ivanoff’s work:


  • Moken folk song – recorded in 2010 at the Thailand Cultural Center.
  • British Library Moken Music CD – 2001 recording by Tom Vater, produced by the British Library. Sound Archive’s World & Traditional Music Section with Topic Records

News Media Coverage – Further reading

Indigenous people and parks
Courage of the sea
The Moken