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Donate to the Moken people of Surin
Hook in the village

In December 2019 our family has departed on the last traditional Moken boat to continue the Moken legacy. We are facing the modern problems of statelessness, discrimination of human rights, overfishing and plastic pollution. We need your financial support in the following areas:

Donate to the Kabang Journey

The Kabang Journey

Leave a donation to support the culturally meaningful journey of the Kabang out at sea. Your donation makes it possible to focus on the tasks ahead: connect to the Moken knowledge, practice the old skills, and collect stories. At the same time it involves: assistance to acquire citizenship, education about individual and cultural rights to diminish discrimination and tools to tackle the trash problems in each village.

Donate to the Moken people of Surin

Emergency Medical Fund

There is always a medical emergency. Whether someone needs an escort from the island to the hospital or the fees for undergoing an unusual treatment there is always money involved that the Moken often don’t possess. This fund goes to medical care to be given out freely when needed.

Donate to the Moken people of Surin

Children’s Delicious Nutrition

Healthy fresh fruits are rare on the islands. Moving regularly between the mainland and the islands, we will use this fund for the Moken children’s delight and the occasional joy of sweet Mangos and Papayas.